In Case of an Emergency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (link) provides disaster relief funding (President executes a major disaster declaration) which is administered through the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES).
  • FEMA and CalOES hold public assistance meetings in the affected areas which provide a means by which the school district can quickly and efficiently apply for public assistance grants to address disaster related damages and repair strategies.

California Office of Emergency Services

  • Formerly known as CalEMA, the California Office of Emergency Services CalOES (link) administers and coordinates state and federal disaster assistance programs.
  • CalOES works with state agencies and local governments to develop emergency planning and preparedness guidance.
  • School Emergency Planning Program – All hazards approach to plan for and respond to emergencies including guidance for evacuation, communication, and minimizing disruption to academic programs. 
  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Schools - The focus of the Safe School website (link) is on the safety aspects of school planning including the coordination of first responder agencies, as well as general safety information for parents and students.
  • California Disaster Assistance Act (Governor’s State of Emergency Proclamation) - State may also authorize State assistance.
  • Local County Office of Education and County Office of Emergency Service - Requests for state and federal assistance come up from local agencies through the Operation Area, to the CalOES Region and Recovery Division.
  • State Wildfire Recovery Resources (link)

Division of the State Architect

  • The Division of the State Architect (DSA) (link) assesses the safety of facilities and reports to the Operational Area for inclusion in the Initial Damage Estimate provided to CalOES.

California Department of Education