New Construction Program

The New Construction program provides state funds on a 50/50 state and local sharing basis for eligible projects that add capacity to a school district. Adding capacity to a school district can include the construction of a new school, or the addition of classrooms to an existing school.

Applications are submitted to the OPSC in two stages: an application for eligibility and an application for funding. The School Facility Program Handbook contains detailed information on New Construction eligibility and funding in Sections 4 and 5.

See application submittal requirements and all New Construction Program forms.


Eligibility for State funding is based on a district’s projected need to house pupils, which is determined by the gap between a district’s projected enrollment and its existing classroom capacity. Eligibility translates directly into pupil grants. A district with new construction eligibility may request funding.

New Construction Remaining Baseline Eligibility Report (PDF)


The pupil grant is a composite dollar figure that provides the state’s share for project costs including design, construction, testing, inspection, furniture and equipment, and other costs closely related to the actual construction of the school buildings. This grant amount is based on the grade level of the project. The pupil grant amount is set in law and is adjusted annually (link) by the State Allocation Board based on current construction costs.

Supplemental grants augment pupil grant funding, including grants that are available for site acquisition, utilities, service-site, off-site, general site development, and other excessive cost hardship grants.

The Architect’s Submittal Guidelines (PDF) and the Presentation on Additional Grant for Site Development Costs (PPT) contain detailed information for school districts and architects to prepare project plans, specifications, and cost estimates for project applications.

All New Construction projects are subject to the new procedures (PDF) for School Facility Program funding.

Please note: New Construction projects may be subject to Prevailing Wage Monitoring/Labor Compliance Program requirements (link).

Fiscal Reporting

The SFP Compliance Review page contains detailed information on compliance review requirements, including substantial progress and expenditure reporting.

The Financial Hardship Program (link) provides funding to districts that cannot provide all or a part of the required local matching share for a New Construction project.


For assistance, please contact your OPSC Project Manager.