Financial Hardship Program

The Financial Hardship program provides assistance for districts that cannot provide all or a part of their local share for a School Facility Program project.

The School Facility Program Handbook (PDF) contains detailed information on the Financial Hardship funding in Section 10.

Financial Hardship Program forms (link)

Financial Hardship Program FAQ (PDF)

Financial Hardship Re-Reviews

If and when funding becomes available through the sale of bonds, the OPSC stands ready to assist Financial Hardship districts and county offices of education (COEs) that would require a re-review of their financial records.

As a reminder, Financial Hardship districts and COEs with projects on the Unfunded List for 180 days or more that are participating in a certification filing period must undergo a re-review of their financial records to determine if they have any additional funds available to contribute to their project(s) prior to receiving an actual apportionment.


Financial Hardship Re-Reviews Webinar Presentation - October 12, 2011

Financial Hardship (Part VI of How to Apply for School Facilities Funding) - May 16, 2011


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