Worksheets and Checklists

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Career Technical Education Facilities Program Detailed Construction Cost Estimate (Excel)

Career Technical Education Facilities Program Funding Availability Worksheet (PDF)

Dwelling Unit Worksheet and Instructions (Excel)

Emergency Repair Program Application Submittal Requirements Checklist (PDF)

Emergency Repair Program Detailed Listing of Warrants Worksheet (PDF)

Expenditure Worksheet

Facility Hardship Request Sheet (PDF)

Facility Inspection Tool

Financial Hardship Phase I Checklist (PDF)

Financial Hardship Phase II Checklists

Financial Hardship Project Worksheet (PDF)

Financial Hardship Project Fund Worksheet (Excel)

Modernization Application Submittal Requirements (PDF)

New Construction Application Submittal Requirements (PDF)

Project Information Worksheet

Site Analysis Worksheet for New Construction (PDF)

Site Development Worksheet

Substantial Progress Checklists

Template for the Modernization Accessibility / Fire Code Requirements Checklist (Excel)