Modernization Program Forms

Modernization Program Eligibility Forms

SAB 50-03: Eligibility Determination (PDF)

SAB 50-01, 50-02, 50-03 Combined Worksheets (Excel)

  • Note: The Combined Worksheets can be used to calculate the Modernization Eligibility Determination, but the data must be transferred onto a current Form SAB 50-03 before submittal.

Modernization Program Funding Forms

Modernization Program Fiscal Forms

SAB 50-05: Fund Release Authorization (PDF)

SAB 50-06: Expenditure Report (PDF)

Substantial Progress Checklists

High Performance Incentive Grant (HPI) and the Project Information Worksheet -- As part of regulation changes to the HPI grants, cost information for HPI project components and systems must be reported on the Project Information Worksheet:

Financial Hardship Program Forms (link)