Forms by Number

Please be advised

If you choose to save a form to your disk or desktop, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the most current version of the form prior to document submittal, as older versions may not be accepted.

Current Forms

SAB 50-01: Enrollment Certification / Projection (PDF)

High School Attendance Area Residency Reporting Worksheet

Dwelling Unit Worksheet and Instructions (Excel)

Birth-Attendance Rate Adjustment Information

SAB 50-02: Existing School Building Capacity (PDF)

SAB 50-03: Eligibility Determination (PDF)

SAB 50-01, 50-02, 50-03 Combined Worksheets (Excel)

  • Note: The Combined Worksheets can be used to calculate the Modernization Eligibility Determination, but the data must be transferred onto a current Form SAB 50-03 before submittal.

SAB 50-04: Application for Funding (PDF)

SAB 50-05: Fund Release Authorization (PDF)

SAB 50-06: Expenditure Report (PDF)

SAB 50-07: Application for Joint-Use Funding (PDF)

SAB 50-08: Application for Preliminary Apportionment (PDF)

SAB 50-09: Application for Charter School Preliminary Apportionment (PDF)

SAB 50-10Application for Career Technical Education Facilities Funding (PDF)

SAB 50-11: Overcrowding Relief Grant District-Wide Eligibility Determination (PDF)

SAB 61-03: Emergency Repair Program Grant Request (PDF)

SAB 61-04: Emergency Repair Program Expenditure Report (PDF)

SAB 184: Summary of Expenditures and Construction Progress (PDF)

SAB 184A: Detailed Listing of Warrants Issued by the District >(PDF)

SAB 184ADM: Detailed Listing of Warrants Issued by the District for Deferred Maintenance Projects

SAB 189: School District Appeal Request (PDF)

SAB 308: Return of Real Property Sale Proceeds Notification (PDF)

SAB 406: Exemption Request (PDF)

SAB 406A: Facilities Certification (PDF)

SAB 406C: Community Schools Facilities Report (PDF)

SAB 406E: Expelled Pupil Facilities Report (PDF)

SAB 406R: Regional Occupational Center or Program Facilities Report (PDF)

SAB 424: Modification of Unused Site Status (PDF)

Worksheets and Checklists

Dwelling Unit Worksheet and Instructions (Excel)

Emergency Repair Program Application Submittal Requirements Checklist (PDF)

Emergency Repair Program Detailed Listing of Warrants Worksheet (PDF)

Expenditure Worksheet

Facility Hardship Request Sheet (PDF)

Facility Inspection Tool

Financial Hardship Phase I Checklist (PDF)

Financial Hardship Phase II Checklists

Financial Hardship Project Worksheet (PDF)

Financial Hardship Project Fund Worksheet (Excel)

Modernization Application Submittal Requirements (PDF)

New Construction Application Submittal Requirements (PDF)

Project Information Worksheet

Site Analysis Worksheet for New Construction (PDF)

Site Development Worksheet

Substantial Progress Checklists

Template for the Modernization Accessibility / Fire Code Requirements Checklist (Excel)

Inactive Forms, Worksheets, and Checklists


SAB 25-02: State Relocatable Classroom Program Application to Lease Relocatable Classrooms

SAB 25-04: State Relocatable Classroom Program Certification for Reimbursement (PDF)

SAB 25-46Application to Purchase State Relocatable Classroom(s) (PDF)

SAB 25-46AApplication to Purchase State Relocatable Classroom(s) – Attachment A (PDF)

SAB 25-46BClassroom Evaluation Checklist (PDF)

SAB 40-20Deferred Maintenance Five Year Plan (PDF)

SAB 40-21Deferred Maintenance Certification of Deposits (PDF)

SAB 40-22Deferred Maintenance Extreme Hardship Funding Application (PDF)

SAB 40-23Deferred Maintenance Fund Release Authorization (PDF)

SAB 40-24Deferred Maintenance Expenditure Report (PDF)

SAB 61-01: Online School Facilities Needs Assessment Grant Submittal Program (ASP)

SAB 61-02: School Facilities Needs Assessment Grant Program Expenditure Report (PDF)

SAB 180: Interest Earned Report (PDF)

SAB 180A: Interest Certification (PDF)

SAB 184: Summary of Expenditures and Construction Progress (PDF)

SAB 184A: Detailed Listing of Warrants Issued by the District (PDF)

SAB 270: Routine Restricted Maintenance Account Certification (PDF)

SAB 282: Self Certification of Interim Housing (PDF)

SAB 390: Certification of Changes to Final Plans and Specifications (PDF)

SAB 490: California Environmental Quality Act Certification (PDF)

SAB 506: Application for Apportionment (PDF)

SAB 506A: Estimated Project Cost Detail (PDF)

SAB 506B: Summary of Estimated Costs (PDF)

SAB 506 JU: Application for Joint-Use Apportionment (PDF)

SAB 509: Site Ownership Certification (PDF)

SAB 515: School District Summary of Bid Proposals (PDF)

SAB 518: Agreement (PDF)

SAB 518 JU: Agreement – Joint-Use (PDF)

SAB 533A: Architect Agreement Certification (PDF)

SAB 598: Public Access Information Request (PDF)

SAB 599: Construction Contract Certification (PDF)

SAB 599 JU: Construction Contract Certification for Joint-Use (PDF) 

SAB 892: Restroom Maintenance Complaint (PDF)

SAB 892 SP: Queja de Mantenimiento de Banos (PDF)

SAB 892R: Response to Restroom Maintenance Complaint(PDF)