Staff Attorney by Agency



Administrative Law - Jonette Banzon

Afro-American Museum - Rick Goldberg

Aging - Viana Barbu

Aging, Commission On - Viana Barbu

Agricultural Labor Relations Board - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Air Resources Board - Natalie Bocanegra

Alcohol & Drug Programs - Daniel Rios

Alcoholic Beverage Control - Jonette Banzon

Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation - Kevin Dollison

Arts Council - Richard Goldberg


Baldwin Hills Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Boating And Waterways - Bryan Kimura

Building Standards Commission - Viana Barbu

Bureau Of Automotive Repair - Alex Holtz

Business and Consumer Services Agency - Christopher Gill

Business and Economic Development (GoBiz) - Rick Goldberg

Business Oversight, Dept. of - Jonette Banzon


Calif. Conservation Corps - Bryan Kimura

Calif. Exposition & State Fair - Jonette Banzon

CA Consumer Power & Conservation Financing Authority - Kevin Dollison

California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Investment Board - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Cal EPA - Dan Rios

CalRecycle - Dan RIos

Central Valley Flood Protection Board (formerly Reclamation Board) - Alex Holtz

Child Development Programs - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Child Support Services - Jonette Banzon

Children & Family Commission (First Five)  - Christopher Gill

Chiropractic Examiners, Board Of - Alex Holtz

Citizen's Redistricting Commission
- Laurie Giberson

Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Coastal Commission - Bryan Kimura

Coastal Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Colorado River Board - Bryan Kimura

Community Services & Development - Christopher Gill

Conservation, Department of - Bryan Kimura

Consumer Affairs - Alex Holtz

Controller's Office - Natalie Bocanegra

Corporations, Department of - See Business Oversight, Dept. of

Correctional Peace Officer Standards & Training - Alex Holtz

Corrections, Board Of - (See Corrections & Rehabilitation)

Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR), Dept. Of - Lance Davis


Debt Advisory Commission - Kevin Dollison

Debt Limit Allocation Committee - Kevin Dollison

Debt & Investment Advisory Commission - Kevin Dollison

Delta Protection Commission - Bryan Kimura

Delta Stewardship Council - Bryan Kimura

Developmental Disabilities Area Boards - Natalie Bocanegra

Developmental Disabilities, CA Council - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Developmental Services - Christopher Gill

DGS - Business & Acquisitions Services - Laurie Giberson

DGS - Business & Acquisitions Services (Public Works) - Daniel Rios

DGS - Architect - Kevin Dollison

DGS - Audits Section - Laurie Giberson

DGS - Business Services Section - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

DGS - Enterprise Technology Solutions - Chris Gill

DGS - Executive Office - Laurie Giberson

DGS - Office Of Administrative Hearings - Lance Davis

DGS - Office Of Equal Employment Opportunity - Lance Davis 

DGS - Office Of Fiscal Services - Rick Goldberg

DGS - Office Of Fleet and Asset Management - Natalie Bocanegra

DGS - Office Of Human Resources - Lance Davis

DGS - Office Of Legal Services - Laurie Giberson

DGS - Office Of Public Schools Construction - Jonette Banzon 

DGS - Office Of Risk & Insurance Management - Lance Davis

DGS - Office Of Risk & Insurance Management - Natural Gas Services - Bryan Kimura

DGS - Office Of Small Business & Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Services - Jonette Banzon 

DGS - Office Of State Publishing - Bryan Kimura

DGS - Office Of Strategic Planning, Policy & Research - Laurie Giberson

DGS - Procurement Division - Kevin Dollison

DGS - Real Estate Services Division - Daniel Rios 

DGS - RESD-Asset Management Branch - Alex Holtz

DGS - RESD-Building & Property Management - Daniel Rios 

DGS - RESD-Construction Unit - Daniel Rios

DGS - RESD- Energy Matters (Utilities) - Viana Barbu

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch - Daniel Rios

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-Construction Services - Daniel Rios

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-Design Services - Daniel Rios

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-Direct Construction Unit - Daniel Rios

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-Environmental Services - Daniel Rios

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-Real Estate Leasing - Viana Barbu

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-Real Property Services Section - Alex Holtz

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-Seismic and Special Programs - Daniel Rios

DGS - RESD-Project Management & Development Branch-State Owned Leasing and Development - Viana Barbu 


Education - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Education Audit Appeals Panel - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Educational Facilities Authority - Kevin Dollison

Emergency Medical Services Authority - Alex Holtz

Emergency Services, Office of - Rick Goldberg

Employment Development Department - Natalie Bocanegra

Energy Resource Conservation and Development Commission - Rick Goldberg

Environmental Health Hazard Assessment - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Environmental Protection Agency - Dan Rios

Equalization, Board Of - Jonette Banzon

Exposition and Park Management - Rick Goldberg

Exposition And State Fair - Jonette Banzon



Fair Employment & Housing - Natalie Bocanegra

Fair Political Practices Commission - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Fairs And Expositions - Jonette Banzon

Finance - Jonette Banzon

Financial Institutions - See Business Oversight, Dept. of

Financial Information System for California (Fi$Cal) - Rick Goldberg

Fire Marshall - Christopher Gill

Fish And Wildlife - Christopher Gill

Food And Agriculture - Alex Holtz

Forestry & Fire Protection - Christopher Gill

Franchise Tax Board - Jonette Banzon


Gambliing Control, Bureau of - Christopher Gill

Gambling Control Commission - Christopher Gill

Government Operations Agency - Rick Goldberg

Governor's Office - Rick Goldberg


Health & Human Services Agency - Bryan Kimura

Health Facilities Financing Authority - Kevin Dollison

Health Care Services - Natalie Bocanegra

High Speed Rail Authority - Bryan Kimura

Highway Patrol - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Horse Racing Board - Dan Rios

Housing & Community Development - Bryan Kimura

Housing & Finance Agency - Bryan Kimura

Human Resources, California Dept. of (CalHR) (formerly Personnel Administration) - Christopher Gill


Independent Living Council - Lance Davis

Industrial Development Financing Advisory - Kevin Dollison

Industrial Relations - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Information Coordinating Committee - Rick Goldberg

Inspector General - Jonette Banzon

Insurance - Christopher Gill

Insurance Advisor - Christopher Gill


Judicial Council Of CA - Alex Holtz

Justice - Natalie Bocanegra


Labor & Workforce Development Agency - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Lands Commission - Bryan Kimura

Lottery Commission - Rick Goldberg

Library - Christopher Gill

Little Hoover Commission - Rick Goldberg

Lt. Governor's Office - Christopher Gill


Managed Health Care - Natalie Bocanegra

Mental Health (See State Hospitals, Dept. of) - Rick Goldberg

Military - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Motor Vehicles - Jonette Banzon


Native American Heritage Commission - Lance Davis

Natural Resources Agency - Bryan Kimura

Nursing, Board Of - Alex Holtz


Organization & Economy, Commission On - Kevin Dollison

Osteopathic Medical Board Of Calif - Alex Holtz 


Parks and Recreation - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Peace Officer Standards & Training Commission - Alex Holtz

Personnel Board - Bryan Kimura

Pesticide Regulation - Daniel Rios

Pilot Commissioners - Bryan Kimura

Planning & Research, Governor's Office - Rick Goldberg

Podiatric Medicine, Board Of - Alex Holtz

Pollution Control Financing Authority - Kevin Dollison

Postsecondary Education Commission - Christopher Gill

Prison Health Care Services - Lance Davis

Prison Industry Authority - Lance Davis

Prison Terms, Board Of - Lance Davis

Private Postsecondary & Voc. Ed. - Alex Holtz

Public Defender's Office - Bryan Kimura

Public Employee Post Employment Benefits - Daniel Rios

Public Employment Relations Board - Bryan Kimura

Public Health
- Kevin Dollison

Public Utilities Commission - Rick Goldberg

Public Works Board - Anna Woodrow


Real Estate Appraisers, Bureau of - Alex Holtz

Real Estate, Bureau Of - Alex Holtz

Reclamation Board - (See Central Valley Flood Protection Board)

Rehabilitation - Alex Holtz

Resources Recycling & Recovery, Dept. Of - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov


Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

San Diego River Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

San Francisco Bay Conservation - Bryan Kimura

San Joaquin River Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Scholarshare Investment Board - Kevin Dollison

School Financing Authority - Kevin Dollison

Science Center, California - Rick Goldberg

Secretary Of State - Alex Holtz

Seismic Safety - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Senior Legislature, California - Christopher Gill

Service & Volunteerism, Governor's Office - Daniel Rios

Sierra Nevada Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Social Services - Christopher Gill

State & Community Corrections, Board of - Lance Davis

State Historical Building Safety Board - Bryan Kimura

State Hospitals, Dept. of - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

State Job Training Coordinating Council - Alex Holtz

State Lands Commission - Bryan Kimura

State Mandates, Commission On - Kevin Dollison

State Teachers Retirement System - Rick Goldberg

Statewide Health Planning & Development - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Status Of Women, Commission On - Christopher Gill

Student Aid Commission - Jonette Banzon

Student Loan Authority - Kevin Dollison

Summer School For Arts - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Systems Integration - Bryan Kimura



Tahoe Conservancy - Bryan Kimura

Tax Credit Allocation - Kevin Dollison

Taxes and Fees Administration - Jonette Banzon

Teachers Credentialing Commission - Krassimire (Chris) Kostov

Technology, Dept. of - Rick Goldberg

Toxic Substance Control - Bryan Kimura

Traffic Safety, Office Of - Laurie Giberson

Transportation Agency - Laurie Giberson

Transportation Finance Authority - Kevin Dollison

Transportation, Department of - Laurie Giberson

Transportation Commission - Laurie Giberson

Treasurer's Office - Kevin Dollison


Urban Waterfront Areas - Bryan Kimura


Veterans Affairs - Christopher Gill

Victims Compensation & Govt Claims Board - Alex Holtz

Volunteers Commission, California - Rick Goldberg


Water Resources, Department of  - Viana Barbu

Water Resources Control Board - Viana Barbu

Wildlife Conservation Board - Christopher Gill

Workforce Investment Board - Kevin Dollison