Program Support Accounting Section

Program Support Accounting Section (PSAS) handles the pre-accounting function within the department.  We review and audit all invoices payments before such payments are made.  PSAS plays a very important role in proving frontline customer services to our internal and external customers on accounts payable related questions.      

Our mission is to ensure that we provide the highest level of support to our customers, and embrace the belief that we are successful when our clients are successful. 


Because a clear and complete invoice helps to ensure timely payment, we have included tips and information to answer some of the questions that vendor/supplier might have about the invoice and what happens once it has been dispatched to the Department of General Services (DGS). 

Invoicing Guide for Vendors/Suppliers and payment addresses
CA Prompt Payment Act
Prompt Payment Act FAQ
Late Payment Penalty Rate
Payee Data Record Form (STD 204)

For invoice payment inquiries, please contact us: 
By E-mail:
By Phone: 1-866-767-5956

The payment due date required in Chapter 927 of the Government Code, also known as the California Prompt Payment Act is 45 calendar days after receipt of a properly submitted, undisputed invoice, unless otherwise specified in the contract or grant.  (Click on the image below to enlarge)

*Depending on the preference of DGS, invoices can be routed directly to the DGS office or to the Program Support Accounting Section.