Accounting and Financial Services Section

Accounting and Financial Services is responsible for a variety of accounting duties for the Department of General Services (DGS) and consists of two programs: the Service Revolving Fund (SRF) and Capital Outlay Accounting (COA).

Our mission is to maintain the integrity of DGS financial data, and embrace the belief that we are successful when our clients are successful.

Service Revolving Fund

SRF is made up of four components:

Payments: Processes all the invoices and travel expense claims for the Service Revolving Fund and various special funds.

Disbursements: Distributes payroll for the DGS and the various boards and commissions, deposits and records cash receipts and prepares and distributes checks and claim schedules.    

Receivables: Prepares and distributes invoice billings and performs the collection function for the DGS.

Accounting and Reports: Maintains the accounting records for the service revolving fund and prepares quarterly and year-end statements. The unit also maintains the accounting records for special funds, prepares quarterly and year-end financial statements, prepares the monthly income and expense statement, and acts as account representatives to the DGS Offices.

Capital Outlay Accounting 

COA maintains the accounting and financial records for the capital outlay projects funded from the Architecture Revolving Fund that are managed by the Real Estate Services Division.  

Fee Chang, Accounting Adminstrator III - Accounting and Financial Services