EFT Adjustment Procedure

1. EFT Adjustments only apply to a Journal Entry with a GS prefix.

An EFT Adjustment is needed when a Journal Entry or a portion of
a Journal Entry is posted to your agency with the wrong fund,
appropriation, or fiscal year.
Complete the AFS_EFT001 (EFT Adjustment Request in EXCEL format) with the
appropriate information needed for the correction.

DGS does accept State Controller's Transaction Request Form
(CA504) for the EFT Adjustment.

Submit your request to:
Department of General Services
Office of Fiscal Services
Attn: EFT Desk
707 3rd Street, 10th Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605
IMS: Z-01
FAX: (916) 376-5165

If the EFT Adjustment Request Form is received by DGS before the
20th of the month, the adjustment transaction will be completed
and sent to State Controllers Office (SCO) at the end of the month.
SCO will post the adjustment during the 1st week of the following

DGS processes the EFT and Adjustments once a month.

DO NOT USE AFS-EFT001 to dispute an invoice or request credit for incorrect charges. All disputed invoices and credit requests must be directed to the originating DGS Office. The contact phone number is printed on the invoice.
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