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Customer Account File Format

Field Size Fill (Align) Notes
CAN_NUMBER 6 zero (R) Customer Account Number
CAN_NAME_IMS 25 blank (L) Customer Name IMS
ADDRESS1 25 blank (L) Address Line 1
ADDRESS2 25 blank (L) Address Line 2
ADDRESS3 25 blank (L) Address Line 3
ADDRESS4 25 blank (L) Address Line 4
CITY/STATE/ZIP* 25 blank (L) City State Zip
ORG 36 blank (L) Type of Organization
UNIT 24 blank (L) Work Unit
CAN_ABBREV 9 blank (L) Abbreviation Code
DEPARTMENT 30 blank (L) Department Name
DATE 4 blank (L) Date MMYY
CONTACT_NAME 15 blank (L) Contact Last Name
CONTACT_PHONE 13 blank (L) Contact Phone Number
EFTID 1 blank (L) EFT Customer Identifier
IMS 4 blank (L) IMS Code
AGENCY ORG CODE 4 blank (L) Agency Code
ALTERNATE_NAME 20 blank (L) Customer Alternate Name
PAY_METHOD 32 blank (L) Payment Method
COST_CENTER 5 blank (L) DGS Cost Center
LAST_UPDATED 11 blank (L) Last Update date
Total Length 364
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