State Employee BikeShare Program

The Department of General Services (DGS) Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) State Employee BikeShare Program offers state employees working in the Sacramento area the ability to travel to nearby meetings and run errands on a bicycle during the workday, in addition to providing worksite wellness, active transportation and environmental stewardship.

State Employee BikeShare Program bicycles are located at the State Garage, 1416 10th St., Sacramento for use between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. on normal business days, Monday through Friday.


All state employees can participate in the State Employee BikeShare program in these six easy steps...

  1. Orientation: To become eligible to use the bikes during work hours, employees are required to complete the state employee online safety training, and sign a State Employee BikeShare Program Assumption of Risk, Liability Waiver and Release Agreement (Interactive PDF). State employee will provide a copy of the signed waiver to OFAM reservation counter at time of first rental.
  2. Reserve: Once you have completed your orientation, you will be able to make your online reservation by going to the DGS OFAM all-inclusive Bicycle Reservation system. Follow the instructions on this page to make your online reservation.
  3. Check-Out: Once you have your received your reservation confirmation you will simply go to the State Garage dispatch office located at 1416 10th St., Sacramento to pick up your bicycle. At the garage you will be required to provide your state ID badge and the signed DGS liability waiver form prior to your initial ride. Our staff will provide you with a bicycle, helmet, bike lock, and key.
  4. Helmet: You must wear a helmet, either your own or the one provided. Be sure it’s adjusted properly and comfortably snug.
  5. Adjust: Unlock your bike and adjust the seat height.
  6. Off you go: To a meeting or on your extended break, to lunch, the farmer’s market, shopping or an errand or two. Plan your route, ride safely and politely, and be sure to lock your bike safely and securely at your point of destination using the provided U-lock. When you arrive back to the State Garage, simply return your bike, helmet, bike lock and key to the automotive pool attendant at the garage.

Note: All bicycles and bicycle equipment must be returned to the State Garage by 5 p.m. daily.

If you have any questions please contact or the State Garage dispatch office at (916) 657-2327.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bicycle Options

Step Through X-SMALL
RIDER HEIGHT: 4’8” – 5’3”
 Step Through SMALL
RIDER HEIGHT: 5’2” – 5’6”
Step Through MEDIUM
RIDER HEIGHT: 5’5" - 5'11" 
Step Step Step
Step Over MEDIUM
RIDER HEIGHT: 5’6” – 5’9"
 Step Over LARGE
RIDER HEIGHT: 5’9” – 6’0”
Step Over X-LARGE
RIDER HEIGHT: 6’0” – 6’3" 
Step Step Step