Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) related and/or published reports

FY 2014/15 ZEV Executive Summary (Final) (PDF) Executive Order B-16-12 Zero-Emission Vehicle Report for Zero-Emission Vehicles Approved in Fiscal Year 2014/15.

State Fleet Fuel Purchases (PDF)
Transportation Fuel Purchases for State Motor Vehicles in Fiscal Year 2007-2008
Fuel Purchase Data (Excel)

SB 552 Report for 2008 through 2011 (In Development)
Alternative Fuel Stations - Statewide Fueling Stations (Interactive Map)
Alternative Fuel Stations - by Year (Interactive Map)
Alternative Fuel Stations - Alternative Vehicles by County (Interactive Map)
Alternative Fuel Stations - All SB 552 Data (Interactive Map)

AB 236 Report - 2010 (PDF)
AB 236 California Action Plan for Reducing or Displacing the Consumption of Petroleum Products by the State Fleet and First Annual Progress Report

AB 236 Status Report (Revised May, 2012) (PDF)

AB 236 Status Report (2015 Part One) (PDF)

SB 78 Report - 2010 (PDF)
Fleet Asset Management System (FAMS) Implementation Report for 2010 (SB 78)

EO S-14-09 Fleet Reduction Report - July 2010 (PDF)
Final Report on the Execution of Executive Order (EO) S-14-09 - Vehicle and Home Storage Permit Reduction

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Retrofit Demonstration Project - May 2011 (PDF)
Final Report about the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Retrofit Project to the California Energy Commission (CEC). In December 2009 fifty 2009 Toyota Prius’ were converted to PHEVs and deployed throughout California to measure their ability to produce higher than normal fuel economy results while being operated by a variety of drivers in a host of driving conditions.

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