Travel, Transportation and Surplus Property related Management Memos

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MM 17-06 E-Waste Disposal

MM 17-05 Fleet Asset Replacement Schedule Criteria

MM 17-02 Abbreviated Fleet Acquisition Process

MM 16-07 ZEV Purchasing and Infrastructure Requirements

MM 15-07 Diesel, Biodiesel, and Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel Bulk Fuel Purchases

MM 15-03 Minimum Fuel Economy Standards

MM 14-03 State Travel Booking Through CalTravelStore or Concur Travel

MM 13-08 Warehouse Utilization Guidelines

MM 13-05 State Motor Vehicle Insurance Account 2013-14 Fiscal Year Premium Assessment

MM 13-04: ZEV implementation Plan
Learn more about the Alternative Fuels Vehicle Program (AFVP) here

MM 13-03: Vehicle Home Storage Permits
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MM 13-02 State Fleet Annual Acquisition Plan
For MM 13-02 Related Documents and Forms Read More

MM 13-01 State Fleet Asset Oversight
MM 13-01 Attachment 1: Required FAMS Fields (PDF)

MM 12-08: State of California Fleet Card Program Procedures
For MM 12-08 Related Documents and Materials Read More

MM 12-06 Reconditioned, Used, or Remanufactured Automotive Parts; Re-Refined or Synthetic Motor Oil and Lubricants

MM 12-05 Maximizing Alternative Fuel Use and Reducing Petroleum Consumption in the State Fleet

MM 12-03 Solar Reflective Colors for State Vehicles

MM 12-02 Disposition of State Owned Computers, Laptops, Monitors and Components to Non-Profit Public Computer Centers

MM 12-01 Removal of Confidential, Sensitive or Personal Information from State-Owned Surplus Personal Property, Information Assets, and State-Owned Surplus Vehicles

MM 11-01 Cost-Effective Reuse of Surplus Furniture

MM 10-04 Revision of the Vehicle Home Storage Request/Permit STD.377

MM 08-13 Travel Agency Agreement

MM 08-12 Discount Airfares for Official State Business

MM 08-08 Payment Process for Meeting, Conference, and Event Related Expenses

MM 08-04 Standard Minimum Fuel Economy

MM 07-07 State of California Travel Agency Agreement

MM 06-06 State Vehicle Utilization Standards

MM 06-05 State-Owned and Leased Motor Vehicle Report

MM 06-03 Vehicle Purchase and Lease Policy

MM 06-02 2006 Commercial Car Rental Contracts

MM 05-13 Requirements for Reconciling the State's Motor Vehicle and General Use Mobile Equipment Inventory

MM 05-12 Official State of California Fuel Card US Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc.

MM 05-06 American Express Travel Payment System Contract Extension

MM 04-16 Preventive Maintenance of State Vehicles

MM 03-03 Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting

MM 02-04 Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting and Investigations

MM 01-22 Re-Refined Oil