Surplus Property and Reutilization (SPR)

The Surplus Property and Reutilization program (SPR) is responsible for the proper disposal of all state-owned surplus personal property, vehicles, and other mobile equipment. We work with the public and state agencies through various avenues:

Blackberry/Cell Phone Sanitation Project

In order to Comply with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 199 security categorization of the system confidentiality to eliminate the risk of unauthorized disclosure of information from the media (Cell Phone Media):

  • Evaluate the condition of the 30,000 recalled cell phones and Blackberries
  • Perform data expunge for all recalled cell phones and Blackberries
  • Prepare and package the devices for departmental Public Auctions

The Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) has issued the OFAM Blackberry/Cell Phone Sanitation Project (PDF) in September, 2011

Federal Surplus Personal Property

Federal Surplus Personal Property allocates Federal surplus property to the state's qualified recipients.

Public Auction Services

Public Auctions are conducted either select months (vehicles/mobile equipment) or approximately every six weeks (surplus property).


Reutilization extends the useful life of state-owned property as well as reviews and approves the transferring, disposal, repurposing and recycling of the surplus property. This surplus personal property is available for sale to state and local government, school districts and non-profit organizations.

SB 493 - Public Computer Centers

Pursuant to the recently enacted Public Contract Code Section 10389.2 (SB 493, Padilla, 2011), non-profit Public Computer Centers that have been created to help bridge the digital divide in their local community will now have access to state surplus computers and other surplus information technology equipment. To find out more about this important program, please read more...

Surplus Property for Schools

Surplus state and federal personal property is available for sale to public schools and districts at a fraction of the original cost.

Warehousing Services

The Transit Storage program offers state agencies quality supplemental storage at very competitive rates.


SPR Headquarters and Warehouse | 1700 National Drive, Sacramento, CA 95834 | driving directions For more information, contact: Bryant Paul | Email: | Office: 916.928.5806 | Fax: 916.928.4644

Note: State agencies, local government, school district and non-profit organization representatives viewing and sale days are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., excluding state holidays.

The SPR Warehouse is not open for public sales. The public is welcome to attend our public auctions held approximately every six weeks.

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