Please Contact DGS Transit Voucher Program Contacts:

DGS OFAM no longer administers the Transit Voucher program.

For DGS employees located in Sacramento, CA please contact the following DGS staff to order a Transit Voucher:
Procurement Division: Jaime Cambria | Office: 916.375.4494 | Email:
Office of Fiscal Services: Kristi Chow | Office: 916.376.5142 | Email:
All other DGS Sacramento employees: Marcia Johnston | Office: 916.375.4199 | Email:

If you work for DGS and you are NOT located in Sacramento, CA please contact the following staff to order a Transit Voucher: Laura Clark | Office: 916.376.5329 | Email:


Transit Vouchers

State employees working in areas served by mass transit, including rail, bus, or other commercial transportation licensed for public conveyance, shall be eligible for a 75 percent discount on public transit passes sold by state agencies up to a maximum of $65 per month.

Employees who purchase public transit passes on their own are eligible for a 75 percent reimbursement up to a maximum of $65 per month. This shall not be considered compensation for purpose of retirement contributions. The state may establish and implement procedures and eligibility criteria for the administration of this benefit including required receipts and certification of expenses.

Each department administers the Commute Program Benefit in the way that fits best. Please contact your department or agency Transportation Coordinator for information. Also check with your department or agency's Personnel and/or Accounting Offices to determine whether your department/agency has an inter-office program available.

If you work for the Department of General Services (DGS), the following information applies to the DGS' program which utilizes the Transit Voucher to administer the benefit. Please contact your office's Transit Voucher Coordinator to order a voucher and/or for more information.

Since December 2017, the Business Services Section (BSS) within the Administration Division has been administrating the Department of General Services (DGS) Transit Voucher Program.


Transit Voucher Information

What you should know before you sign for a mass transit voucher:

  • California State employees who use mass transit to commute to and from work are entitled to receive the Commute Program Benefit.
  • The Transit Voucher is intended to cover up to 75% of the full cost of public transit passes up to a maximum of $65.00 per month.
  • Transit voucher orders are processed during the 1st through 15th day of each month. All orders must be received before that monthly deadline.
  • In signing for a Transit Voucher, the employee is certifying that he/she is the sole recipient and user of the voucher.
  • Transit Vouchers or public transit passes are not to be given or sold to other parties, including family members or friends.
  • Transit Vouchers should be requested based on current need and not future projected need.
  • Your office incurs a cost for the Transit Voucher even if it is not used to purchase public transit passes.
  • Immediately turn-in any unused Transit Vouchers to your office's program representative.