Parking Lottery FAQ

  1. How does the OPLS work?
    1. Input all information required:
      1. Work Email Address
      2. Full Name
      3. Contact Phone Number
    2. You will receive an email notification confirming your submittal.
    3. You will receive Lottery Emails that include information when the lottery is performed, what will be available for that particular Lottery, when it is time to renew your subscription as well as other important news.

  2. What are the policies for the new OPLS?
    1. Only downtown Sacramento State employees are eligible to participate.
      1. Duplicate/false entries found will result in disqualification from the Lottery.
    2. Only one submittal/person per Lottery occurrence.
    3. The OFAM is not responsible for late, inaccurate, or incomplete entries.
    4. Current parkers are eligible to participate in the Lottery.
      1. In the event an existing parker is chosen and opts to transfer to one of the available spaces, their former space is included with all other available parking and another Subscriber is chosen at random to claim it.
    5. Only Work Email addresses are acceptable. All other types of entries will be deemed ineligible (i.e. all addresses ending in gmail, yahoo, etc.)
    6. Available OFAM parking, and its associated location, is subject to availability and varies as a result of cancellations from the previous month.
    7. Each time the Lottery is performed, Subscribers are randomly drawn, contacted and instructions for obtaining parking are sent via email.
    8. Once contacted, available parking is obtained on a first come, first serve basis (the quicker you process with us, the more options you have).
    9. Employees have 48 hours to respond.
      1. No response is deemed a withdrawal that will result in another person drawn.
      2. Once all available parking is assigned, all entries are purged and the process begins again.
    10. You will receive a notification email advising you to renew prior to the purge for the next available Lottery.
    11. This process allows you to keep your contact information fresh so we can contact you!
    12. The OFAM does not release the names to the public for safety and security reasons.
    13. For months the Lottery is not performed, all entries will be held until the next available Lottery.

  3. Can I enter more than once?
    1. No. The Lottery only allows one entry per person.

  4. I am a new State Employee and have not received a Work Email address yet. Can I still subscribe?
    1. No. The OPLS will not allow personal/non-state email addresses (i.e., etc.) Subscribe as soon you receive it.

  5. What if I change jobs/locations?
    1. As soon as you are able, please update your subscription with your new Work Email address.

  6. What if I do not have access to my work email while I am away and am chosen?
    1. As long as we receive an “Out of Office” response, we will save you a spot. Contact the Parking Unit office as soon as possible upon your return via email or phone.
      1. Email:
      2. Toll Free: 844.832.5423

  7. How will I know I have been chosen?
    1. Chosen Subscribers are contacted via email with instructions and documents required to be completed and submitted when claiming parking.

  8. Can I send someone to claim my parking for me?
    1. No. When claiming parking, we require State Employee ID and a completed Parking Application with the parker’s confidential information only they would know.

  9. How often does the Parking Lottery occur?
    1. The Lottery occurs anytime there is available space, about 6-8 times per year.

  10. While I am participating in the OPLS, where can I park?
    1. The OFAM has continuous parking available at Lot 38, located at 6th/8th W/X Streets. This is surface lot is located underneath the W/X Freeway across the street from Southside Park.
    2. Parking is only $40/month and a short walk from the downtown area.
    3. The OFAM provides onsite security from 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday.
    4. Regional Transit (RT) buses are also available for pick up and drop off at Southside Park. Please visit the RT website at:, for scheduled pick up/drop off times or use their Online Trip Planner.
      1. State employees are also eligible to receive the Transit Subsidy through your Department with the combined use of the parking permit.
    5. Please contact us at: so we can get you started right away!