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The statewide Inspection Services Program was established and organized to carry out the following responsibilities assigned to the Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM):

  • Develop and recommend maintenance, repair, and equipment replacement policies to provide a sound, economical, fleet management program for the state.
  • Inspect mobile equipment owned by all Executive Branch Departments, except the Department of Transportation, Universities, and the California Highway Patrol, as scheduled or upon request.
  • Determine the need for replacement of state-owned equipment, assist in technical studies and reports when requested.
  • Provide assistance to agencies to resolve mobile equipment problems.
  • Provide advice to procuring agents and agencies regarding vehicle requirements for specific applications. Assist with safety recalls and vehicle performance.
  • Encourage fleet managers to adhere to established maintenance schedules.
  • Review estimates and process invoices to ensure that the State pays only for repairs that are needed and proper discounts are applied.
  • Review parts and labor rates and assist with warranty claims.
  • To assist with the disposal of mobile equipment, public auctions are held once a month in Davis. Additionally, sealed bid sales are held in the field for mobile equipment that has been determined to be junk, unable to be driven, in very poor condition and not cost effective to transport to public auctions.

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For more information on the Inspection Services program, contact:

Erin Snyder, State Fleet Asset Manager | Email: | Office: 916.928.5831 | Fax: 916.928.9895

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