Fleet Reduction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I answer Yes or No when the dedicated workspace is infrequently visited?

We have employees that have a desk in their respective District Office. However, they only go to their District Office only a few times a month for meetings, or to pick up items. The District Offices do not have secured parking for overnight. They spend 98% of their time on the road with laptops in their assigned territories, which is closer to their home than the District Office. So in that sense, their vehicle is their real office. Do I put Yes for Column L, where it asks does the employee have a dedicated workspace in a State Facility? Technically, they do, but they don’t use it very often, that’s why they have a home storage permit in the first place.

Yes, because the employee has a state office. The question does not ask how often they visit the office.

How do I report Mileage that does not fit the Columns N - Q definitions?

I can’t give you data for Column N, where it asks for mileage between work location and home because it varies every day. I can’t give you data for Columns O and P because there isn’t a way to track our mileage for so it differentiates between commute miles and business miles. I can give you total miles driven for the year in Column Q, is this okay?

You need to make every effort to complete all the columns or explain the reasons that they cannot be completed in the following sections that allow for a more detailed justifications.

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