Online Vehicle Reservation System

The online reservations system is only for the rental of sedans. All other vehicle types must be reserved by contacting the Sacramento State Garage Dispatch office | 1416 Tenth Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 | driving directions | 916.657.2327.
If you cannot make, modify, or cancel a reservation online, or have general questions, call the Dispatch office to make the reservation over the phone.

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2015-2016 Pool Vehicle Rate Schedule


Daily Rentals (Rate Code) Daily Rate Mileage
 Sedan, Electric Vehicles $29.00 $0.31
 Plug-In Hybrid $29.00 $0.31
Sedans, Compact $31.00 $0.31
Sedans, Midsize/Intermediate $33.00 $0.31
 Hybrid Compact $30.00 $0.31
 Hybrid Midsize $31.00  $0.31
Sedans, Full-size $36.00 $0.31
Pickup Trucks, 2-WD $35.00 $0.31
Pickup Trucks, 4-WD $36.00 $0.31 
Passenger & Carryall (Cargo) Vans $34.00 $0.31
Specialty Vehicles Rates vary by type

Note: Fuel included in rental rate

(From the DGS Price Book - Automobile Rental Rates)


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Van Rental - Van reservations cannot be made online. To reserve a van, please call the Dispatch Unit at 916-657-2327, then fill out a Form OFA 8 G (interactive PDF), and present to the Dispatch Unit at the Sacramento State Garage. 

This application is not available from 11:30 p.m. to 5:45 a.m.

Note: The Vehicle Reservation Internet application does not work with the Netscape or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer is recommended. All browsers must have "Cookies" enabled.

For more information, contact:

Sacramento State Garage Dispatch Office | 1416 Tenth Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 | 916.657.2327 | driving directions

For Statewide Vehicle Leasing: contact your department's Travel Program Coordinator for your department's procedures for car rentals via Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

For technical assistance with the Vehicle Reservation Online application, contact Charles Price | Email: | Phone: 916.928.5879, or Tasha Brennan, Program Manager | Email: | Phone: 916.928.2575

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