Executive Order B-16-12 Implementation Plan

On March 23, 2012, Governor Brown issued Executive Order (EO) B-16-12 ordering "that California’s state vehicle fleet increase the number of its zero-emission vehicles through the normal course of fleet replacement so that at least 10 percent of fleet purchases of light-duty vehicles be zero-emission by 2015 and at least 25 percent of fleet purchases of light-duty vehicles be zero-emission by 2020. This directive shall not apply to vehicles that have special performance requirements necessary for the protection of the public safety and welfare." The Governor has issued its 2013 ZEV Action Plan GO ZEV Action Plan.

On April 25, 2012, Governor Brown issued EO B-18-12, ordering "State agencies [to] identify and pursue opportunities to provide electric vehicle charging stations, and accommodate future charging infrastructure demand, at employee parking facilities in new and existing buildings."

The Department of General Services (DGS)/Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) issued Management Memo 13-04 in January, 2013 that provides all state agencies under the Governor’s executive authority direction on how to meet the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) requirements. In addition, The DGS/OFAM issued the EO B-16-12 DGS Implementation Plan for ZEVs.

Governor’s Executive Orders: 
EO B-16-12 
EO B-18-12

What's New

Charger Procurement
DGS is currently developing a leveraged statewide procurement contract for PEV charging equipment. Until the state contract is awarded, state agencies can take advantage of a municipal contract offered by the County of Los Angeles that is now available for state agencies. State contract number 7-13-61-04, number 7-13-61-06, and number 7-13-61-11 are currently available for state agencies to procure PEV charging equipment through the state’s Cooperative Agreements Western State Contracting Alliance (WSCA) contract.

If you cannot locate a specific contract, try searching for the commodity or service through the eProcurement Contract Search Feature.

ADA Guidelines
A draft of "Plug-In Electric Vehicles: Universal Charging Access Guidelines and Best Practices" is available at the Governor’s Office of Policy and Research (OPR) website. These draft guidelines have been developed by the DGS Division of State Architect (DSA) to assist OPR with physical accessibility standards and design guidelines for the installation of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations throughout California. The voluntary guidelines address accessible plug-in electric vehicle charging stations on both public and private sites and within public rights of way.

Standardized Signage
The Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has recently updated the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. These policy and specification updates provide regulatory and general information signs and pavement markings to guide and regulate road users who operate ZEV’s. These Caltrans PEV sign specifications must be followed on signage and markings for PEV charging stations in order to maintain a standard that PEV drivers can recognize throughout California.

ZEV Permitting Guidelines
OPR has developed a ZEV permitting guideline to assist local government with the permitting process for installing charging stations in California (link coming soon). Much of the information within these guidelines can also be of value to state agencies planning for and installing charging stations at their facilities and lots.

DGS Contact for the ZEV Action Plan:

Renee Carroll, Assistant Chief | Email: | Office: 916.928.9865 | Fax: 916.928.9895

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