Vehicle Acquisitions

State agencies/departments shall submit an annual fleet acquisition plan to OFAM if the department desires to acquire any new or replace any existing fleet assets. This includes any long term rentals/leases (fleet assets in the department's control for over thirty [30] consecutive calendar days or more than four [4] consecutive work weeks [excluding weekend and holidays]).

Electronic copies of annual fleet acquisition plans (and any supplemental) must be submitted to the state agencies/departments Fleet Analysis and Reporting Unit analyst and include the following (if applicable):


Complete a Fleet Acquisition Substitution Form (PDF) if your department would like to request to substitute a fleet asset that was previously approved by OFAM to be replaced with another asset in specific circumstances. These circumstances include the following: when a vehicle is wrecked, not cost effective to repair, and/or stolen and the department’s needs to replace that fleet asset with one was already approved on a Fleet Acquisition Plan (FAP). A department may also substitute an approved fleet asset purchase for another type of fleet asset if there is a demonstrated urgent need for the vehicle to be purchased now and the vehicle is no longer available on the state contract and/or if the fleet asset no longer meets the department’s business needs. Substitutions may only be submitted on approved Fleet Acquisition Plans that have not expired.

If Applicable:

Include all necessary approved Budget Change Proposals (BCP) or other supporting justification that shows authorization for additional fleet assets, STD. 152 (interactive PDF) (Rev 8/17) and OFA 6 forms (if applicable). Contact the Inspector of Automotive Equipment assigned to your area for the OFA 6.

Supplemental fleet acquisition plans must be clearly identified as such and in the same format as the original plan. Denote any changes to the original plan and/or clearly identify the additional fleet assets being requested.

For reference, please review the following management memos and the Fleet Acquisition Submittal Requirements Checklist (PDF):

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