Fleet Asset Management System (FAMS)

In 2005, the Department of General Services (DGS) began Phase 1 of the FAMS project working with state agencies on discovering new possibilities for the collection of fleet-related data. Phase 1 worked to determine how we could collectively be more responsive to the administration and legislature's ongoing need for more information about the state fleet. In Phase 2, formal studies, recommendations and a procurement plan culminated in an approved augmentation in the Governor's 2007-08 Budget to proceed with the FAMS project. In the fall of 2007, DGS and the project contractor began building the system. State agencies provided their input and participated in the testing of the FAMS in another step toward statewide deployment in the Summer of 2008.

Today, FAMS is fully operational, and captures multiple sources of inventory and operational fleet information from reporting agencies. It is meeting the goal in providing a more efficient tool for collecting statewide fleet inventory and utilization data as required to meet a variety of analysis and reporting mandates. All statewide fleet data is stored in a single data warehouse. Reporting agencies use a web-based interface to upload/enter fleet data into the data warehouse at regular intervals.

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FAMS Portal Vehicle Reporting

The Fleet Asset Management System (FAMS) provides a method for analyzing and reporting on mobile equipment and vehicle assets owned by state agencies. FAMS Portal

FAMS Reports

FAMS is the data source for many of the state and federal mandated reporting requirements. Before FAMS, each agency was responsible for submitting the following reports to OFAM in accordance with each report’s data and deadline requirements. Now, OFAM staff extracts the required data directly from FAMS. Agencies are only required to verify report data before the OFAM submits the various reports to the relevant government entity. The OFAM currently utilizes FAMS to create the following mandated reports:

  • U.S. Energy Information Administration Report on Alternative Fuel Vehicles in the state fleet (EIA 886)
  • U.S. Department of Energy EPAct Report on Alternative Fuel Vehicle purchases (OFA 53A)
  • Passenger Vehicle Usage Report (STD 276A)
  • Passenger Vehicle Acquisition Report (SB 552)
  • Annual Mobile Equipment Inventory Report (OFA 53)

MM 17-02 Abbreviated Fleet Acquisition Process

Announcing Management Memo (MM) 17-02 Abbreviated Fleet Acquisition Process (effective 8/16/2017) This Management Memo announces an abbreviated fleet acquisition approval process for non-light duty replacement vehicles and mobile equipment (fleet assets). This process is provided in a new State Administrative Manual (SAM) section under “Transportation Services, Acquisition of Vehicles”.

To learn more about FAMS contact:

Samridhi Nayyar, FAMS Manager | Email: | Office: 916.928.7980 | Fax: 916.928.9896

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