FAMS Feedback

Please use the form below to submit feedback for the FAMS Asset GVI Demo.

Known Issues

  • Export may be missing data.
  • Export is only for the current page.
  • Editing and Adding a new record does not work.
  • Confidential Assets are not listed.
  • Upload and Publish features are not functional.

Feedback Focus

  • Do the filters provide you enough control? Are they working as intended?
  • Are there any editing fields that seem to contain incorrect data? If so which column?
  • Is the current loading time acceptable?
  • Are the tooltips accurate? Do they provide enough information to instruct you how to fix the record?
  • Are the status indicators clear? If not, which ones could be better? Which ones were confusing?
  • Does the sorting work as expected?
  • Generally, how does the editing feel? What could be done to make it better?
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