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Forms related to the Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) programs and services.

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Federal Surplus Property Forms

Office of Fleet and Asset Mangement (OFA) forms

OFA 8G Pool Vehicle Dispatch Ticket (interactive PDF) Rev 01-13

OFA 27G Receipt for Items to be Sold (interactive PDF)

OFA 35 Preventative Maintenance Schedule/Safety Inspection Worksheet (PDF)

OFA 50 Vendor Application Form (PDF)

OFA 50G Monthly Vehicle Record (interactive PDF)

OFAM 66 Parking Cancellation (interactive PDF) Rev 09/16

OFA 73 Employee Car/Vanpool Parking Rules and Agreement (interactive PDF) 

OFA 112 Application for Parking (interactive PDF)

OFA 155 Equipment Modification Request (interactive PDF)

OFA 160 Vehicle Acquisition Request (interactive PDF)

OFA 161 Fleet Acquisition Certification (interactive PDF) Rev 9/16

OFA 161-A Fleet Acquisition Certification (Cabinet Level) (interactive PDF) Rev 9/16

OFA 162 Vehicle Home Storage Permit Certification (interactive PDF)

OFAM 170 Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel (Renewable Diesel) Utilization Exemption Form (interactive PDF)

Office of State Publishing (OSP) Standard (STD) forms

STD 21 Drug-Free Workplace Certification (interactive PDF)  

STD 65 Purchasing Authority Purchase Order (interactive PDF) 

STD 152 Property Survey Report (interactive PDF) 

STD 158 Property Transfer Report (interactive PDF) 

STD 204 Vendor Data Record (interactive PDF)  

STD 208 Penalty Calculation (interactive PDF) 

STD 209 Invoice Dispute Notice (interactive PDF)

STD 213 Standard Agreement (WORD) 

STD 261 Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business (interactive PDF) 
STD 265 Insurance Verification and Authorization to Operate Privately-owned/Rented/Leased Aircraft (interactive PDF)  

STD 269 Accident Identification (interactive PDF) 

STD 270 Vehicle Accident Report (interactive PDF)

STD 271 Automobile Maintenance Record (interactive PDF)

STD 273 Official Monthly Travel Log (interactive PDF)

STD 274 State Driver Accident Review (interactive PDF)  

STD 276 Vehicle Usage Justification (interactive PDF)  

STD 276A Passenger Vehicle Usage Report (PDF)  

STD 377 Vehicle Home Storage Request/Permit (PDF)  

STD 676P Non-USPS Adjustment Request - Payments (interactive PDF) (Fringe Benefit/Employee Business Expense)

STD 676V Non-USPS Adjustment Request - Values (interactive PDF) (Fringe Benefit/Employee Business Expense)

For hard copies of standard (STD) forms, please order from the Office of State Publishing (OSP) (opens OSP STD Forms)

Search for all standard (STD) forms using the Office of State Publishing's (OSP) search engine
You can enter information online and then print the form.

State Surplus Property and Transit Storage forms

State Surplus Property Forms:

Cellular Devices Reduced Pursuant to EO B-1-11 Certification
 (Interactive PDF)

Transit Storage Form:

GSMS 56 Transit Storage Form (PDF)

Vehicle Home Storage Permit (VHSP) Forms (MM 13-03)

Management Memo (MM) 13-03 Vehicle Home Storage Permits (VHSP) (PDF)

VHSP Certification Form (Interactive PDF)

Sample DMV Form INV 218 Request for Non-Exempt License Plates (PDF). This is a Sample of the form. You must obtain an original DMV Form INV 218 from the DMV.

STD 377 Vehicle Home Storage Request/Permit (Interactive PDF)

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For more information about OFAM Forms, contact:

For Federal Surplus Property forms: Patricia Osborn, Eligibility Specialist | Email: | Office: 916.928.5815 | Fax: 916.928.7965, or Darci King, Program Manager | Email: | Office: 916.928.2539 | Fax: 916.928.7965

For State Surplus Property forms: Email:

For information on MM 13-02 or MM 13-03 forms: Erin Snyder, State Fleet Asset Manager | Email: | Office: 916.928.5831 | Fax: 916.928.9895

Search for all standard (STD) forms using the Office of State Publishing's (OSP) search engine
You can enter information online and then print the form.

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