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Electronic Filing at the OAH

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Electronic Filing at the Office of Administrative Hearings

OAH requires all General Jurisdiction (not Special Education) case documents filed by governmental entities with our offices to be submitted electronically. Attorneys representing individuals, or individuals who choose to do so, may also file documents electronically, but documents filed electronically must be filed according to the filing and naming guidelines established below.

When filing a document electronically by email, there is no need to file a hard copy of the same document. The electronically filed document is sufficient and will constitute an original filing with OAH. With your continued assistance, we hope that we will soon no longer be receiving any hard copy documents from government agencies.

In order to ensure all documents OAH receives by email are properly identified and formatted, and can be correctly filed in our computerized case management system, OAH requires parties to follow the Electronic Filing and Naming Guidelines

For additional information and a list of OAH Office emails, please visit the Electronic Filing at the Office of Administrative Hearings webpage.

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