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PROCEDURE CHANGE: Effective TODAY 12/17/2018, new cases will be assigned three hearing dates - dates to run consecutively

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Special Education cases filed as of today,12/17/2018, will be assigned three initial hearing dates.  The dates shall begin on a Tuesday, with the second and third dates Wednesday, and Thursday, consecutively.  If the Tuesday follows a Monday holiday, the case shall be assigned two initial days of hearing with the first day Wednesday and the second day Thursday. 

The hearing will continue day to day at the discretion of the ALJ, and may extend into the following week.  Additional hearing dates will no longer be assigned during the Prehearing Conference but may be ordered by the ALJ once the hearing begins and witness lists and evidence are finalized.

All cases submitted before today will continue to be assigned a single initial day of hearing, and continue day to day at the discretion of the ALJ.

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