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Limited Number of Friday Mediations Now Available by Special Request

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The Office of Administrative Hearings is implementing a pilot project for the scheduling of mediations.  OAH currently schedules mediations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and will continue to do so through the pilot period.  During the pilot period, OAH will schedule some mediations on Fridays at the request of all parties to the mediation.  The request may only be made after the complaint has been filed and OAH has issued the initial scheduling order.  The request must be in writing (e.g. a letter), and must specify that a Friday mediation is being requested.  OAH’s “Request for Continuance” form may not be used to request a Friday mediation.  All parties must agree to the requested Friday mediation.  Only a limited number of Friday mediation slots will be available.

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