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Office of Administrative Hearings Forms   

General Jurisdiction Division Forms   

Request To Set Forms
Continuance Form for Unrepresented Respondents
Subpoena / Subpoena Duces Tecum

Only the Office of Administrative Hearings or attorneys licensed in California acting on behalf of a party may sign a subpœna. If you are proceeding without an attorney, contact the regional Office of Administrative Hearings closest to you for a form signed by an Administrative Law Judge.

Transcript Form
Protective Sealing Order Forms

Instructions for Seeking Orders Sealing Confidential Personal Information:

The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) expects all parties to redact (black out) from documents filed with OAH, including pleadings and exhibits, all confidential personal information whenever possible. Confidential personal information includes crime victim or investigative complaining witness names, addresses, and telephone numbers. It also includes all social security numbers, financial account numbers, credit card numbers, dates of birth, names of minor children, and medical information. When redacting social security or financial numbers, the last four digits may be revealed if necessary.

If it is not possible to redact confidential personal information from a document, OAH expects the party offering the document to request an appropriate protective sealing order. An optional form for requesting a protective sealing order is available here: OAH 87.

All attorneys and parties appearing before OAH and offering documents containing confidential personal information must take the necessary steps to redact the information or request appropriate orders.

Proposed Order: A proposed Protective Order Sealing Confidential Records form OAH 88 is available. Parties who are submitting a request for an order sealing records are encouraged to complete the Order form and submit it to OAH as a proposed order.

DDS Hearings Forms
PWCA Forms
Teacher Reduction in Force Proceedings Forms
Department of Rehabilitation Hearings Forms

DOR Hearings Forms

  • Request to Set (PDFWord, new window)
  • Notification of Resolution  (PDFWord, new window)
  • Request For Postponement of Hearing and Waiver of Time 
    (PDFWord, new window)
  • Waiver of Time for
    • OAH Los Angeles Office  (PDFWord, new window)
    • OAH Oakland Office  (PDFWord, new window)
    • OAH Sacramento Office  (PDFWord, new window)
    • OAH San Diego Office  (PDFWord, new window)
  • OAH Hearing Procedures  (PDFWord, new window)
  • DOR District and Branch Offices Map  (PDF, new window)

Special Education Division Forms

Mediation and Due Process Hearing
Case Withdrawal
Resolution Session
Scheduling Guide

Effective July 1, 2013, the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) will be holding prehearing conferences on Monday and Friday at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m.   Unless requested otherwise by the parties, when OAH schedules a prehearing conference on a Friday, the hearing will be scheduled to begin at least one week (five business days) later.  For example, if a prehearing conference is held on Friday, July 12, the hearing will be scheduled the week of July 22, not the week of July 15.

Special Education Case Scheduling Guide OAH 84; rev. 2/14

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