Calendaring at the Office of Administrative Hearings

Each General Jurisdiction regional office of the Office of Administrative Hearings has its own calendaring unit.

To reserve a hearing date at the Office of Administrative Hearings please complete and submit a request to set form (See Cal. Code Regs., tit. 1, § 1018.).

Request to Set for:

  • State Agencies
    State agencies should use the DGS OAH 13 (PDF, new window)
  • Local Agencies
    Local agencies should use the OAH 21B (PDF, new window)
  • School Districts
    School Districts should use the OAH 21f (PDF, new window)
  • Teacher Reduction in Force Proceedings
    Dates for Teacher Reduction in Force Proceedings are reserved through the OAH 22 (PDF, new window)
  • Teacher Dismissal 
    Teacher Dismissal should use the OAH 21F (PDF, new window)
    Motion for Immediate Reversal of Suspension use the OAH 21G (PDF, new window)
    Teacher Dismissal Motions Cover Sheet should use the OAH 92 (PDF, new window)

If you have calendaring questions please contact the calendar clerk directly at the telephone number listed below:

Calendaring at OAH Office information


Sacramento Regional Office

Christina Borrego


Oakland Regional Office

Lynell Cooper

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Regional Office

Elvira Ruiz

San Diego

San Diego Regional Office

Karen Deaderick

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