Electronic Plan Review

The Electronic Plan Review (EPR) process enables applicants to submit plan designs electronically as an alternative to submitting the required plan designs in the traditional paper roll form. Learn more by downloading the latest EPR Reports and the EPR submittal procedures listed below. Additional inquiries on the EPR submittal process may be submitted to

EPR Effective Dates

  • October 1, 2018: DSA Sacramento, DSA San Diego, and DSA Oakland
  • November 1, 2018: DSA Los Angeles
  • January 15, 2019: All Over-the-Counter (OTC) Projects - Revised Date

Executive Summary

The introduction of EPR brings changes to the submittal, review, back check and approval process of construction projects under the jurisdiction of the Division of the State Architect (DSA). An overview of the new process is below:

Project Submittal

After registering for an intended submittal date, DSA will create a folder structure in DSAbox that design professionals will use for uploading the electronic plan sets (PDF file format) on the registered submittal date. DSA will review the submitted documents for completeness and adherence to DSA’s formatting requirements prior to acceptance.

Project Plan Review

Accepted plan sets will be transferred by DSA into a Bluebeam Studio Session where staff will complete a detailed plan review. Once the review by DSA is complete, the design professionals will be invited to the Bluebeam Studio Session. This invitation will provide design professionals with access to their downloadable copy of plan sets.

Project Back Check

The design professionals will make an appointment for an in-person electronic back check for the review of plan sets that required corrections. Prior to the meeting, the design professional must upload the corrected plan sets into the Bluebeam Studio Session so that at the DSA regional office, DSA staff and the design professionals can jointly review the plan sets and verify that all required corrections were made.

Project Approval

Once the back check process is complete, the DSA plan reviewer will approve the plans electronically using Bluebeam software.

Post Project Approval

All post plan approval changes and deferred submittals will be uploaded directly into the Bluebeam Studio Session by the design professional, where they will be reviewed and approved by DSA.


EPR Procedure Videos

Procedure videos are available on the DSA Electronic Plan Review YouTube playlistCurrently, the following videos are posted:

Electronic Plan Review Procedures

EPR Procedure Flowcharts

EPR Report Updates

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