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Construction cost escalation makes building schools in California more expensive with every day that passes. With school districts spending more and receiving less in return, it is imperative that the school construction process be as efficient as possible so that school budgets experience as little cost escalation as possible. Acknowledging the impact our project review can have on final project costs and knowing that the only solution was through collaboration, the State Architect Chester A. Widom, FAIA and the Department of General Services’ (DGS) Division of the State Architect (DSA) staff began outlining what would eventually be a series of statewide outreach events in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and San Diego. The series titled DSA 20/20: Focus on the Future focused on how, together we could deliver educational facilities more efficiently.

To facilitate a complete conversation, the events were comprised of client stakeholders, industry experts from the private sector, and representatives from the state entities involved in the school construction process. The format was designed to include everyone at every level. Our invite was extended to all stakeholders: architects, construction managers, consultants, planners, engineers, inspectors, program managers and school district officials. Over 700 stakeholders attended our series of statewide outreach events. We obtained valuable input and insight to incorporate into the future of DSA:

If you were unable to attend or interested in providing more feedback, please send your feedback to us at



Recording of DSA 20/20 event in Sacramento, available on YouTube.


Thank you to the clients and stakeholders who participated in one of our DSA 20/20: Focus on the Future events. With your valuable input and insight, we look forward to discovering new ways to further our partnerships.

Additionally, thank you to our partners American Institute of Architects California Council and the Structural Engineers Association of California for your sponsorship.

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