Testing & Inspection Forms

Updated structural test and special inspection report forms are provided below for convenience and voluntary use by DSA accepted testing facilities. These forms depict the mandatory information/statements and the desired format. Mandatory information includes: addressee (typically the school district), DSA file and Application Number, specified requirements, cc list (architect, structural engineer, project inspector, and DSA) and the two conformance statements. Note that reports need not match these forms exactly. Additional information may be provided, test data may be rearranged, or other minor changes may be made. However, use of these standardized, electronically fillable forms is strongly encouraged since standardized forms will expedite review of reports by DSA and other parties to the project.

Test Report Forms

(These forms are to be completed, printed and signed for submittal to DSA and CCs indicated.)

Special Inspection Report Forms

Verified Report Forms

Note that Verified reports must be submitted on these forms.

See the DSA Forms page for current versions of these forms:

  • DSA 291: Laboratory of Record Verified Report Revised 04/15/16
  • DSA 292: Special Inspectors Employed Directly by the District Verified Report Revised 04/15/16
  • DSA 293: Geotechnical Verified Report Revised 10/27/14