Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Program

The California Administrative Code (Title 24, Part 1) describes the general administrative requirements for projects under the jurisdiction of the Division of the State Architect (DSA). These provisions require that structural tests for construction projects under DSA jurisdiction be performed by testing laboratories acceptable to DSA. DSA administers the Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance program to evaluate laboratories for structural testing and special inspection services.

NOTE: Recent changes to DSA Administrative Regulations and the implementation of a DSA Inspection Card system resulted in important changes for structural testing and special inspections of projects under DSA jurisdiction. For an overview of the process changes taking effect on June 1, see Construction Oversight Process Changes: Courtesy Preview of Documents. For important changes to the Verified Report process for Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Laboratories and Special Inspectors, refer to Guidelines to 2013 Verified Report Changes (PDF - 111 KB).

Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Facilities - A list of laboratory facilities that have been evaluated and accepted by DSA to perform services on school projects can be found at List of DSA Accepted Testing Laboratories (in the DSA Tracker website). Click on the name of a facility to view a list of testing and special inspection services for which the facility has been approved.

Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Program Application

The following links present information on Materials Testing and Special Inspection: