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All school projects under the jurisdiction of DSA must have a Certified Project Inspector on site. A List of Certified Project Inspectors is available on the Tracker website.

The below list of available project inspectors is based on a questionnaire completed by project inspectors. It is provided as a temporary courtesy by DSA for school districts and project inspectors, and is updated on a biweekly basis. DSA does not employ project inspectors and the list accuracy is limited to the information provided by surveys completed by project inspectors desiring to indicate their availability for work. (Language is also located below within proposed location.)

Project inspectors desiring to update their email address in our system can do so by contacting the Project Inspector Unit at

Certified Project Inspector histories can be accessed through the Project Inspector Performance Review Box.


All inspectors for school projects under the jurisdiction of DSA must pass the DSA Project Inspector Examination to become certified. Certification is valid for four years. Approval by a DSA Regional Office must be obtained before a certified inspector is permitted to work on a project.

The revised and updated 2018 Project Inspector Examination Information and Application Package (PDF - 426 KB) (Revised 12/29/17) is now available.

More information on taking the DSA Project Inspector Examination is available:

Inspector-related Interpretations of Regulations (IRs)

For current versions of cited documents, see the DSA IR page.

  • IR A-7: Project Inspector Certification and Approval
  • IR A-8: Project Inspector and Assistant Inspector Duties and Performance
  • IR A-12: Assistant Inspector Approval

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