DSA Gas Shutoff Valve Certification Program

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) oversees the certification of two types of gas shutoff valves as required by the Health and Safety Code:

  • Excess Flow Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves (EFV)
  • Earthquake Sensitive Shutoff Valves (ESV)

Gas Shut-off Valve Certifications

DSA Certification Process

  • DSA certification is currently for residential structures only.
  • DSA reviews the report provided by qualified testing laboratories and certifies the product meets the applicable standard.
  • DSA certification does not cover manual shutoff valves or equipment/appliances incorporating shutoff valves.
  • The installation of gas valves is under the jurisdiction of the local building departments. Contact your local building department for specific details regarding permitting, installation, and inspection requirements.
  • DSA certifies the ESV and EFV under the current standards which become effective six months following the publication of a new version of the plumbing code. On the effective date, manufacturing of the ESV or EFV must meet the current standard.

Certification of Excess Flow Automatic Gas Shutoff Valves (EFV)

Certification of Earthquake Sensitive Gas Shutoff Valves (ESV)

  • Current Standards: Effective January 1, 2017 – 2016 California Plumbing Code; California Referenced Standards for ESV certification: ANSI/ASCE/SEI Standard 25-2006. This standard remains the same as the 2013 California Plumbing Code; therefore, ESV manufacturers of existing DSA certified ESV need only submit for a modification of existing DSA certification per CCR Title 21, Section 1374. To be included on the DSA 2016 ESV list, please submit a letter of intention to DSA. A new certification number will be issued by the DSA. No fee is required.
  • Application: Form DSA 191: Application for Certification of Earthquake Sensitive Automatic Shutoff Valve (ESV) (PDF - 44 KB) || Instructions (PDF - 36 KB) Revised 03/03/15


Qualified Labs

For questions related to the Gas Shutoff Valve Certification Program, contact DSA at (916) 445-8100.