CASp Examination Details, Dates and Deadlines

Examination dates and locations are subject to change. All registered candidates will be notified should changes take place. Register for the examination through your CASp Account Login. The list is sortable by location and date.

Please arrive at the check-in time for each exam for registration, announcements and seating. Check-in lasts approximately 30 minutes. A 15-minute period will be provided for reviewing the plan set prior to the start of the open book exam. The timed examination begins after the proctor reads the instructions.

June 28, 2017 - Open and Closed Book

SACRAMENTOLions Gate Hotel & Conference Center, 3410 Westover St., McClellan, CA 95652
RIVERSIDE: Riverside City College, Charles A. Kane Building, Room 140, 4800 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA 92506

Registration closes May 30, 2017.



  • Check in begins at 12:30 p.m.
  • 90-minute examination.

Additional Exams

The following exam dates and locations are tentative and not yet available for registration:

  • October 11, 2017:  Oakland and Anaheim