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New Financing Tool for Small Businesses to Become ADA Compliant

Through the California Capital Access Program Americans with Disabilities Act Financing Program (CalCAP/ADA), participating lenders can now offer small businesses loans with coverage of up to $50,000 to make tenant improvements for ADA compliance. Eligible small businesses include existing businesses with 15 or fewer full-time employees, gross income of less than $1 million, and facilities with 10,000 square feet or less. The program deposits a premium into an established loan loss reserve account for qualifying loans for up to five years. Lenders can apply for a claim to access funds from the loan loss reserve account to recover losses in the event of a default.

In order to participate in CalCAP/ADA , small businesses must have had their property reviewed by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and have obtained cost estimate(s) that address the retrofits and alterations necessary to help the business become ADA compliant. Once the small business applies for a loan, the CalCAP/ADA participating lender’s loan approval process includes reviewing the CASp report to verify that costs covered by the loan are related to deficiencies identified by the CASp. It is important to note that the loan need not cover the entire list of the deficiencies listed in the CASp report.

The CalCAP/ADA participating lender list (PDF) is available online. This list will be updated as more lenders enroll. For additional information on the financing program please visit the CalCAP/ADA webpage.