Voluntary Certified Access Specialist Program

The Certified Access Specialist (CASp) program was created by Senate Bill 262 (Chapter 872, 2003) and is designed to meet the public's need for experienced, trained, and tested individuals who can inspect buildings and sites for compliance with applicable state and federal construction-related accessibility standards. The CASp program is governed by Title 21 Voluntary Certified Access Specialist Program Regulations (PDF - 188 KB).

For Business Owners, Property Owners, and Consumers

Having a business/property reviewed by a CASp shows that you care about ensuring equal access for all of your customers, and that you intend to follow the law. The good-faith effort of hiring a CASp may lessen your liability and provide certain legal benefits if an accessibility claim is filed against you.

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Why is it Beneficial to Hire A CASp? and other Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

File a Complaint About a CASp

DSA investigates and takes appropriate disciplinary action when a complaint for alleged misconduct is submitted about a CASp. The purpose of the complaint process is to preserve high standards of practice for all CASps and to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of consumers. Acts which are subject to disciplinary action include, but are not limited to, unprofessional conduct, conviction of a substantially related crime, breach of contract, and practicing without valid certification.

To file a complaint, please fill out the form DSA 607: CASp Consumer Complaint (PDF - 534 KB) and send it via email to, or mail to:

Division of the State Architect
CASp Certification Unit
1102 Q Street, Ste 5100
Sacramento, CA 95811

After DSA receives the complaint, the complainant will be contacted. If the issue is not in DSA's jurisdiction to resolve, the complainant will be informed if another state or local agency may be able to help, or if alternative means of redress should be pursued. If the investigation by DSA confirms the alleged misconduct, the CASp will be notified of disciplinary action. Disciplinary Actions and Final Decisions are a matter of public record. The complainant will be notified of the outcome of the case.

As a matter of policy, DSA will not investigate a complaint that addresses the CASp's interpretation of applicable accessibility codes, standards, and regulations to determine site-specific elements or overall compliance of the facility subject to the evaluation.

CASp Examination Dates and Deadlines

Currently, no exams are scheduled. The 2015 schedule will be available soon.

Exam Date: Registration Date:

Purchase Disability Access Inspection Certificates

DSA has made available for purchase numbered Disability Access Inspection Certificates for a price of $10.00 each. Certificates are available for purchase by a jurisdictional agency or a CASp in private practice, and are issued only to CASps.

Requests for purchase of Disability Access Inspection Certificates are to be directed to the CASp Program at:

Division of the State Architect
CASp Program
1102 Q Street, Suite 5100
Sacramento, CA 95811

Or call (916) 658-1081.

Along with your check payment, please include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your CASp certification number
  • The number of certificates you are purchasing
  • The address to which DSA should mail the certificates

Disability Access Inspection Certificates will be sent by US Mail, or can be picked up at DSA Headquarters in Sacramento. For an additional fee, an option to have the certificates sent by overnight mail is available for requests made before 3 p.m.

Continuing Education

Certification maintenance information, including information regarding Continuing Education Units (CEU) required for certification renewal, can be found in the CASp Examination and Certification Handbook (PDF - 150 KB). It is imperative that you download and read this document prior to purchasing and obtaining CEU to become familiar with the requirements for certification maintenance.

DSA does not certify providers of continuing education. Possible sources of continuing education are available at the following links:

For CEU relating to California Building Code updates:

For CEU relating to federal accessibility standards and guidelines:

How Do I Renew My CASp Certification? and Other CASp Frequently Asked Questions

CASp Newsletter Archives

For Cities and Counties

The CASp program receives funding through a one-dollar fee collected by California cities and counties when business licenses and equivalent permits are issued or renewed.

Senate Bill (SB) 1186 Fee and Reporting Requirements are applicable to all local jurisdictions.

Contact Information for DSA CASp Program

For questions on technical content of the accessibility provisions of Chapter 11B of the California Building Code, please call the DSA Technical Assistance Helpline at 916.445.5827.

For questions relating to the work of a CASp or CASp Services, please call 916.322.2490.

For all other CASp-related questions, please call 916.658.1081 or email