High Performance Incentive (HPI) Program

As of October 1, 2014, the Division of the State Architect will no longer accept applications seeking a High Performance Incentive (HPI) Grant plan review due to the closure of the HPI Grant funding.


Proposition 1D set aside $100 million for the High Performance Incentive (HPI) program to promote the use of high performance attributes in new construction and modernization projects for K-12 schools. These attributes include using design and materials that promote energy and water efficiency, minimize and treat runoff after construction, maximize the use of natural lighting, minimize parking lots, improve indoor air quality, use recycled materials and materials that emit a minimum of toxic substances, and employ acoustics that aid in teaching and learning.

The HPI amount will be based on the points attained by the district within the following five categories:

  • Site
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Indoor Environmental Quality

The Division of the State Architect's High Performance Section (HPS) will verify the HPI rating criteria to determine the number of points the project receives. These points are multiplied by a percentage factor which will ultimately provide an increase to the project's base grant ranging from two to ten percent.

HPI Contacts

Submit Documents to:

High Performance Section
Division of the State Architect
1102 Q Street, Suite 5100
Sacramento, CA 95811-6550

DSA/HPS Contact Person:

Lydia Barron, Architectural Associate
LEED Accredited Professional, CABEC Certified

Division of the State Architect
1102 Q Street, Suite 5100
Sacramento, CA 95811-6550

DSA/HPS Supervisor:

Theresa Townsend, AIA
Supervising Architect
LEED Accredited Professional

HPI Review Application and Qualifications

The applicant needs to do the following to request for a HPI grant review:

  • Project needs to be eligible for construction by Office of Public School Construction (OPSC)
  • Project needs to be partially or fully funded by the State of California
  • Check box 16 and 16b on the DSA-1 form to trigger an HPI plan review

DSA Required Documents for HPI Submittals

HPI Points Summary

HPI Points Summary

Modernizations and Additions
  • Minimum to Qualify . . . . 20
  • Maximum. . . . . . . . . . . . . 84
New Construction (New Campus Only)
  • Minimum to Qualify . . . . 27
  • Maximum. . . . . . . . . . . . . 88


HPI Plan Verification Fees

See DSA Bulletin BU 11-04 (PDF - 54 KB)

Submittal Timelines

See DSA Bulletin BU 11-02 (PDF - 60 KB)

Helpful HPI Documentation Tips

HPI documentation is simply a way to communicate how you approached each HPI credit. Here are some of the new HPI program changes and recommendations to reduce the HPI documentation:

  • Provide the specification section on your HPI scorecard. There's no need to provide a hard copy of a specification section since you will submit a complete copy of the project manual. See new CSI Section(s) column added to the DSA/HPI Scorecard.
  • Provide reference to the applicable drawing sheet(s) on the HPI scorecard. There's no need to provide a reduced copy of a sheet showing a detail of a system or location of bin locations if it is included in the set of construction documents. See new Plan Sheet(s) column added to the DSA/HPI Scorecard.
  • Provide a copy of the Summary Table of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) summary table, which will suffice for most Sustainable Site credits.
  • Use the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) new database for sustainable materials.
  • Documentation used for the LEED guidelines for schools will now be acceptable for DSA/HPI grant review. The HPI credits remain the same.
  • DSA encourages electronic plan reviews. The HPS is equipped to do electronic plan reviews as described in PR-09-05 (PDF - 122 KB).
  • Back checks are conducted by email correspondence with the High Performance Section (HPS). HPS stamp and signature approval is now required on the Title-24 Sheets to verify the accuracy of energy performance run code(s). Review the GL-5 Guideline for HPI Grant Projects (PDF - 154 KB) for detailed information.
  • Include your email address; the DSA's HPS staff will email you if additional information is needed.

HPI-CHPS Joint Review Process

Projects seeking CHPS Verified recognition and HPI funding can now be reviewed simultaneously by the DSA and CHPS. Read the DGS Press Release (PDF) for more information on this joint agreement between DGS and CHPS. Interested applicants must register with CHPS first to begin the process. Refer to the HPI-CHPS Verified Program User Guide (PDF) for a detailed guide to find out what tools and resources are available and how the timeline works for the combined CHPS-DSA Project Review.