Grid Neutral Schools Program

Grid Neutral Schools logo depicting a green school house and solar grid with a huge orange sun in the background.

Going Grid Neutral at California Schools

On December 9, 2008, the State and Consumer Services Agency announced the release of California's "grid neutral" guidebook; a step-by-step guide to help California schools and community colleges cut energy costs through on-site electricity generation. The program was spearheaded by the California State Architect and a team of environmental experts. It is the first comprehensive program for schools to use to create campuses that generate as much electrical energy as they consume in a year.

Grid Neutral Schools Guidebook

Grid Neutral Schools Awards

California announced the Inaugural 2010 Grid Neutral Schools Awards at the Green California Summit on December 10, 2010 in Pasadena. See links to press release, presentation and additional Grid Neutral press provided below.

Zero Net Energy (ZNE)

The next bold step beyond Grid Neutral is Zero Net Energy (ZNE). At the September 2012 Green California Schools/Community Colleges Summit, DSA along with Lisa Gelfand, DSA Advisory Board Green Committee member presented an Educational Session titled: “Moving from A to Z(ero) Net” (PDF - 5.61 MB) to introduce the concept of ZNE and provide easy, immediate actions for lowering energy in educational facilities. The DSA is encouraging schools and community colleges to start planning their facilities to meet the California Strategic Plan. The goal is for all new commercial buildings and half of all existing commercial buildings, to achieve Zero Net Energy (ZNE) by 2030.