DSA-SS Green Code

CALGreen Code for Schools and Community Colleges

Part 11 of the 2010 Title 24 Building Standards Code is the California Green Building Standards Code, also to be known as the CALGreen Code. This is the first statewide green building standards code in the nation. For more information, visit the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) website at

The CALGreen Code is now published and available through the International Code Council at; and is posted online on the CBSC website at

The CALGreen Code became effective on January 1, 2014. Note that the 2013 Energy Code (Title 24, Part 6) is also part of the CALGreen Code (Title 24, Part 11, Chapter 5.2); however, these requirements will become effective July 1, 2014.

The DSA will review submittals for compliance with the Green Code at the application intake, as currently done for the California Energy Code. The Project Submittal Checklist form (DSA 3) has been revised to reflect the mandatory measures of the CALGreen code that DSA will review for new building construction on new or existing sites. See the following links for the form DSA 3 Project Submittal Checklist (PDF - 2.25 MB) and the DSA 3 Instructions (PDF - 114 KB) for detailed instructions on use of this form.

GL 4: Project Submittal Guideline for CALGreen Code (PDF - 253 KB) includes the California Green Building Standards Code Application Matrix as a quick reference to the provisions in the CALGreen Code adopted by DSA. All of the voluntary measures, as outlined in the Appendix Chapter A5 of the CALGreen Code, are now provided as a guideline to further encourage building practices that surpass the mandatory measures. Districts and planners of education facilities are encouraged to exceed the CALGreen Code to improve public health, safety, and general welfare by implementing the use of these building concepts to minimize the building's impact on the environment, conserve water, and promote more sustainable and high-performance schools and community colleges.

CALGreen 2013

Proposed CALGreen Code Available for Public Comment

Proposed amendments to CCR Title 24, Part 11 (California Green Building Standards Code) have been submitted to the California Building Standards Commission for the 45-day public comment period. Submittal documents are provided below.

Comments may be submitted to