Commissioning Process Guide

This Guide has been developed by the Department of General Services - Division of the State Architect and is intended to be used by school districts, programmers, design professionals, contractors, operations and maintenance personnel, and Commissioning Authorities to understand the Commissioning Process and their role in it. The Commissioning Process is an Owner's means of achieving a successful project through the application of tools developed in the practice of quality in manufacturing and process construction, which has been refined for the planning, design, construction, turnover, and operation of facilities.

This Commissioning Process Guideline is intended to provide all stakeholders involved with the procurement of facilities an understanding of what is required to achieve a successful facility. To accomplish this intent, the information in this Guideline provides implementation details of the Commissioning Process that has been summarized in the Collaborative for High Performing Schools (CHPS) Best Practices Manual (CHPS 2002) under the Commissioning Process section.

Adopting the Commissioning Process for the Successful Procurement of Schools Guide (PDF - 1.54 MB)