Project Submittal

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) reviews plans for public school construction and certain other state funded building projects to ensure that plans, specifications, and construction comply with California's building codes (Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations).

Please note that other state agencies provide services related to site acquisition, environmental reviews, funding, and other issues. The Public School Construction Process website, jointly developed by DSA and the Office of Public School Construction at the Department of General Services, and the California Department of Education, is a good resource for information regarding these services.

DSA forms and publications regarding projects submittal are listed below.

Project Submittal Forms

See the DSA Forms pages for cited forms.

  • DSA 1: Application for Approval of Plans and Specifications
  • DSA 1 INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions for DSA 1 Form
  • DSA 1-CP: Application Supplement - Collaborative Process
  • DSA 1-DEL: Delegation of Responsibility
  • DSA 1-INC: Definition of Scope of Increments
  • DSA 1-L: Title 24, Part 11 – Outdoor Water Use: Self-Certification of Landscape Irrigation Design and Documentation
  • DSA 1-LC: Title 24, Part 11 – Outdoor Water Use: Self-Certification of Landscape Irrigation Installation
  • DSA 1-MR: Application for New Manufactured Permanent Modular or Relocatable Buildings
  • DSA 1-REG: Registration for Project Submittal
  • DSA 1-REH: Pre-Application for Approval of a Rehabilitation Project Evaluation and Design Criteria Report
  • DSA 1-RUH: Request for Finding of Unreasonable Hardship
  • DSA 3: Project Submittal Checklist

Project Submittal Publications

See the DSA Publications or IR Manual page for cited documents.

  • Bulletin 09-07: Collaborative Process for Community College Projects
  • Bulletin 10-02: DSA Submittals: Forms DSA 1 and DSA 3
  • IR A-4: Geohazard Report Requirements
  • IR A-17: Voidance of Applications and Project Re-Submittal
  • IR A-18: Use of Construction Documents Prepared by Other Professionals
  • IR A-19: Design Professional’s Signature and Seal (Stamp) on Construction Documents
  • IR A-20: New Projects Associated With Existing Uncertified Projects
  • Policy 07-02: Over-The-Counter Review of Projects Using Pre-Check Approved Designs
  • Policy 09-02: Electronic Submittal/Plan Review
  • Procedure 07-01: Pre-Check Approval
  • Procedure 14-06: Plan Review Submittals for Electronic Submission and Review
  • Plan Submittal Requirements: Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
  • Plan Submittal Guidelines: Automatic Fire Sprinkler System (AFSS)
  • Example Statement of General Conformance

DSA's authority is derived from Government Code Sections 4450-4461 and Education Code Sections 17280-17317, 17365-17374, 81130-81147.