Scope of Work

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Work Requiring DSA Review

DSA is required, by the Field Act, to review construction for California public schools (grades K-12) and Community Colleges, and to verify that construction meets the requirements of the Title 24 Building Standards regulations.

Some projects, however, do not require DSA review. Such exceptions are explained in DSA IR A-10, IR A-22, and IR 11-B6.

Per Government Code section 4450-4453, DSA does review other state funded construction projects for Access Compliance.

Note that projects must comply with all code requirements whether reviewed by DSA or not.

Access Only Projects

There are many situations where a project is submitted to DSA and it is only reviewed for Access Compliance. This happens when a client is only making non-structural changes that affect accessibility, or when the client is not required to come to DSA for project review and approval, but must still obtain DSA approval for the Access Compliance portion of the project. In an Access Only project review, Access Compliance is the only discipline that reviews the project.

Pre-Check (PC)

The review and approval for certain structures (such as reloctable classrooms) or assemblies (such as flag poles or light poles) can be expedited through the Pre-Check or PC process. This allows a basic design to be approved prior to its use on a construction project. Once a PC design is approved, it can be used on future projects without need to review the structure again. A separate application submittal is required for the structure's incorporation on the site. The process is detailed in DSA Policy 07-01.

Also, DSA can review projects that incorporate PC elements on an Over-the-Counter (OTC) basis. An OTC review is an expedited review of certain types of projects. This process is detailed in DSA Policy 07-02.