Fire & Life Safety

DSA’s Fire and Life Safety (FLS) program serves DSA stakeholders in its role in the plan review of school construction projects and by providing regulation recommendations to the State Fire Marshal for incorporation into the California building and fire codes. The FLS program also develops DSA Interpretation of Regulations (IR), bulletins, policies and procedures pertaining to FLS issues. DSA FLS is dedicated to the safety of occupants in buildings under DSA’s jurisdiction, as related to fire resistive building materials, fire alarms, fire suppression equipment, safe occupant egress, and firefighting equipment access.

The following resources are provided to help and guide you through the FLS aspects of a construction project under the jurisdiction of DSA:

Fire Hazard Severity Zones

The Cal-Atlas Geospatial Clearinghouse website now has the ability to determine the Fire Hazard Severity Zone (FHSZ) by entering a street address. The California Fire Hazard Severity Zone maps will identify which areas will need to meet the requirements found in the 2010 CBC Chapter 7A. The State Responsibility Area (SRA) and federal land are currently shown on the maps.

Fire & Life Safety Publications

Note: See the DSA Forms page, Publications page or the Interpretation of Regulations (IR) page for current versions of cited DSA documents.

SB 575

  • PL 11-01: Green Oaks Fire Protection Act (SB 575) Implementation

FLS Plan Submittal Requirements, Guidelines, & Checklists

FLS Related Interpretations of Regulations (IR)

  • IR A-21: Design, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm (F/A) Systems
  • IR A-25: Design, Installation and Maintenance of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems (AFSS)
  • IR A-26: K–12 Occupancy Classification and Load Factors
  • IR Occupancy Classifications and Occupant Load Factors for Community Colleges
  • IR A-27: Cargo Containers Used as Storage 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 CBC
  • IR A-28: Fire Alarm Changes in Existing Buildings (PDF -77 KB) - Revised 10-08-18
  • IR 3-1: Storage Room Occupancy Separation - Deleted 02/09/15
  • IR 9-1: Automatic Fire Suppression System Coverage in Concealed Interstitial Space - Removed Pending Review 09/09/11
  • IR 10-1: Illumination Required for Means of Egress
  • IR 11B-1: Visual Alarms in Classrooms - Deleted 11/29/17
  • IR 30-1: Title 24 Elevators: Building Materials and Systems
  • IR E-1: Grounding of Buildings Fabricated Off Site: 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 CEC
  • IR E-2: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • IR E-3: Reliable Power Supply for Electric Fire Pumps
  • IR M-1: Lab Fume Hood Duct Manifolding Requirements
  • IR F-1: Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication Systems
  • IR F-2: Fire Watch Requirements During School Construction Projects

FLS Related Bulletins

  • BU 11-03: Gas Piping Installation Requirements and Recommendations for Seismic Damage Reduction
  • BU 11-05: Impact of AB 211 - Concerning Door Hardware; Effective July 1, 2011
  • BU 11-06: Current Fire and Life Safety Information Regarding Relocatable School Buildings
  • BU 11-08: Occupant Load Determination and Posting in Assembly Occupancies in California Public Schools and Community Colleges
  • BU 14-03: Fire and Life Safety Compliance Program and Fee Schedule
  • BU 15-02: Waterflow Tests for Fire Systems

FLS Related Policies

  • PL 07-03: Fire Department and Emergency Access Roadways and School Drop Off Areas
  • PL 09-01: Fire Flow for Buildings
  • PL 09-05: Elevator Cab Sizes
  • PL 10-01: Plan Submittal Requirements: Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems (AFSS)
  • PL 11-01: Green Oaks Fire Protection Act (SB 575) Implementation

FLS Related Procedures

  • PR 07-02: Modernization Grant for Accessibility and Fire/Life Safety Requirements
  • PR 09-01: Code Appeal

FLS Related Forms & Information

  • DSA 810: Local Fire Authority Review
  • DSA 810 Instructions

FLS Informational Publications

FLS Jobs

FLS DSA Academy Courses

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