After the plans are approved, DSA is notified by the design professional or proposed inspector of the start of construction. DSA reviews the qualifications of and approves the proposed project inspector(s) who will inspect the construction.

DSA schedules visits by its field staff to report on the construction and performance of the project inspector to verify compliance with the California Building Code. During these construction site visits, the DSA staff work closely with the project inspector to assure that the intent of the plans and specifications are achieved at the construction site and that all required approvals are properly administered by the design professionals.

The DSA field staff reviews and approves all field change documents, reviews all inspector and lab reports and makes recommendations regarding the closeout and certification of construction. DSA also has authority to stop construction if it does not meet the code. The staff interacts closely and promptly with the design professional to achieve code compliance and to administer construction certification.

DSA administers programs to certify inspectors and materials testing laboratories. For more information visit: