DSA Certification Box
For Use with Uncertified School Construction Projects

Using the following link provides access to DSA’s Certification Box, a cloud application that identifies uncertified school construction projects. The folder structure is broken into the appropriate region; school district; campus; and within the campus, each DSA application number for an uncertified project. Project folders contain a letter or deficiency list that indicates documents and/or fees required to complete project certification.

Certification Box: Uncertified School Construction Projects

Note: Some web browsers do not fully support the sort feature within the Certification Box. In these cases, the sort option set on the first screen will carry the command to the subsequent folders. A Certification Box Tip with image (PDF - 22KB) is available.

Looking up a Project

  1. Click on the above link to access the Certification Box web application.
  2.  Projects are first categorized as either Occupied Without Certification or Certified Projects.  Select the appropriate category.
  3. Next, select the regional office (Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland) for the county in which the project is located. If you are unsure which is the relevant regional office, please check the California DSA Regions Map.  
  4. After selecting the regional office, you will see a list of school districts for that region.  
  5. After selecting the school district, you can select the campus name.  
  6. A list of all project numbers missing documentation will appear for the selected campus. Select the project number folder, which will contain the letter or deficiency list.

Request for Permission to Upload Required Documentation

  1. To request access to upload certification documents to a DSA Certification Box project folder, complete and submit a DSA Certification Box Access Request.
  2. An electronic invitation containing instructions to set up an account will be sent via email. Please refer to the DSABox External Library for additional information.

Note: some older projects have been realigned to other school districts, renamed, or closed. In such instances, these projects still require certification by the state.

Request DSA Re-examine a Project for Certification

Re-examination Fees

  • No fee is required if a re-examination request is received within 12 months of the date of the DSA 301-N Notification.
  • A fee is required on a fire re-examination request if received 12 months after the date on the DSA 301-N Notification. Any subsequent request will require a fee. Fees are based on the following construction cost schedule:
    • $500 re-examination fee — Projects up to $5 million
    • $750 re-examination fee — Projects between $5 million and $50 million
    • $1000 re-examination fee — Projects higher than $50 million

Request DSA Re-examine a Project

Once the re-examination fee has been paid and ALL required documents are uploaded to the DSA Certification Box, send an email to the appropriate regional office listed below to re-open the project. Include the project application number and project name in the subject line of the email. Note within the base of the email the re-examination fee check number and date of issue.

Note: Do not send an email to the regional office until all re-examination fees have been paid and required documents have been uploaded to the DSA Certification Box.