NOTE: Access to the DSAbox application is by invitation only, to be used by the Division of the State Architect staff and collaborators working on specific school construction projects.

What is DSAbox?

DSAbox is a secure cloud based collaborative solution initiated by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) to allow greater transparency and communication between DSA field engineers and designated stakeholders. DSAbox allows the DSA to set folder permissions to document folders, versioning control, 24/7 mobile and desktop access, and internal enterprise reporting for all documents submitted.


DSA clients have not had the opportunity to view field oversight reports and documents submitted by designated stakeholders in an online environment and in one location. DSAbox allows internal and external stakeholders to share, view and collaborate in real time in one location on the web. Forms which historically were mailed, processed and filed in a cabinet can now be posted online in a matter of seconds, providing significant savings in both time and money. In addition, the ability to access the document is immediate and online, as compared to being stored in a location which was historically inaccessible to external stakeholders.

How to Access DSAbox

If you are authorized to access DSAbox, you will receive an invitation via email from indicating that you are being invited to share or collaborate on a file or folder that relates to a specific school construction project. Please check your email “junk folder,” as your spam filter may not recognize the sender of the initial invitation. To receive access, you must be a Design Professional (Architect/Engineer), Client (School District), Project Inspector, Laboratory Engineer, or a Contractor on a specific DSA project application.

When you receive the email invitation, select “Accept Invitation.” This will direct you to where you will be prompted to create a user name and password. You must set up your own account (email/username is your email address; password must be eight characters and must contain two numbers). Please write your password down for future reference. Once you have set up your account, the application displays a list of the folders/files you have permission to share.

For step-by-step instructions see the DSAbox External Library.

Additional Information

Use the following link to access the full documentation for collaborator use of the DSAbox:

Or contact the Document Control Analyst for the region in which your project is located.

For information on managing DSAbox email notifications, please review instructions provided in: