Legacy Closeout and Project Certification for Schools

Project closeout is the process that DSA uses to determine that the constructed project complies with the codes and regulations governing school construction. Project closeout consists of examination of specific project files for documents required to be submitted before, during and after construction, and to determine if outstanding issues have been resolved. After the file is examined, the project file is closed either with certification or without certification.

DSA may issue one of the following project closeout letters:

#1. Closeout with Certification: This letter indicates that the requirements of the construction process were fulfilled in accordance with rules and regulations.

#2. Certificate of Compliance without Receipt of All Documents: This letter indicates that the allowable alternatives were utilized for documentation of the construction process and the project can be certified.

#5. Resolution of Certification Due to Structures: This letter indicates that the matter of certification is resolved since the uncertified structures have been destroyed or removed from their approved locations.

#5a. Resolution of Certification: This letter indicates the matter of certification is resolved due to discontinued use of a school site.

301-P. Notification of Requirement for Certification: This document indicates the project is not certified due to incomplete or missing documents or potential safety deficiencies.

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